Point of sale

The advertisement in the point of sale is presented like an indispensable element at the time of getting the results and using it in the right way is going to be very useful for you. Positioning your point of sale doing that your highlight product you are going to get more visitors and more sales for your company.


We give form to all your projects and ideas. We are going to help you the most adequate process and materials. From the technical department they will guide you in the documents’ preparation, test management, mockups and all the previous steps for the digital print.

Customized solutions

We work with our clients in order to find the more appropriate solution for their necessities, with the most adequate materials and supports for their projects, looking always for to get a digital impression with the maximum of quality.

Eco Print

We bet for a printing respectful process with the environment. We print in certificate low impact with the environment materials or totally ecofriendly in their composition.