Ephemeral interventions in public and private events, of a social, political, artistic or sports character. Intelligent decoration done by graphic supports in the places that are done these events. There are various reasons for what we can see that the events are a very useful tool for direct marketing, for example, one of them is because these events arrives to people that are predisposed, people were that planned to go even people to have travelled to go to the event, for that reason, their attention to all what is happening there is maximum. Moreover, this type of interactions that a brand gives to a consumer is a way to build brand, because the people what finally buys is people, not brands.

Customized solutions

We work with our clients in order to find the more appropriate solution for their necessities, with the most adequate materials and supports for their projects, looking always for to get a digital impression with the maximum of quality.


We have our own team of highly qualified installers and with all the legal requisites for works wherever. In that way we can offer a complete service and control the quality of our works until their final destination.


We work so that the finished product is on time and in the right place.