PubliECO is a service that was born because in our company we take seriously the environment for many years, is for that reason that we bet for a safe process of print for the planet.

For that reason, we prioritize the use of reusable products free of PVC.

We are constantly developing new sustainable methods for minimizing the ECO impact in the productions of our product in order to reach a better future.

To achieve this, we have two different machines HP3200 of technology of latex, water-based inks, totally ecofriendly in what we print certified materials of low environment impact or totally eco-friendly in this composition.

Biodegradable: is the name of those materials, natural or synthetics that discompose itself for the actions for commons biological agents, generally since turning in simple molecules and compatibles with life.

Recycled material: is the product resultant of the recycling, it can be extracted of practically all the materials that are subjected to recycling (except for the most contaminates ones).

Recycling: is a process with the objective to turn waste in new products or in raw material for his subsequent use.

According to the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) the reclining obtains more ecological benefices and less shocking in the environment as other options like the biodegradable. Some studies have shown that mechanically recycling is the better options regarding the potential environmental change, reduction of natural resources and energy demand.

Our objective is to recycle as much as possible reusing the production processes

We are following the prohibitions and restrictions of the raw materials (lead, cadmium…) in the production of our product in order to avoid health risks and contamination.

Based on the latest published data referred in 2016, in our country we recycle 7 out of 10 packages.